Blend edge issue

I was trying to create a blended edge (0.075) round the inner edge of the saddle but for some reason it couldn’t do it without getting messy. It was happy doing it rounded though (see finished on left).blend-edge-prob 2.3dm

I see that here too. Could it be a units/tolerance issue?

I doubt it. My units are metres and the tolerance is 0.001; 0.075 is well within that. This is probably one of those mysterious Rhino quirks controlled by the whim of a higher divinity.

Hi Tone,

Thanks for this report. I’ve filed the issue as RH-20278 in our system. This isn’t publicly visible yet but you can reference the number again if you need.

My first thought was to increase the control pt information in the surface at the location of the ripple in the trimmed edge but neither this nor changing the degree of the surface helped in this case.

This is fixed now for the service release after the next one. The difference between FilletEdge and BlendEdge in this example is that, while the rails are the same in each case, the fillet surfaces meet up nicely along isocurves on the interior, but the blends do not. So, the adjacent fillets can be trimmed at those isocurves yanked together, but the blends must be trimmed off to their intersection. The bug was in the trimming.

Thanks for the report.
Chuck Welsh
Robert McNeel and Associates