Blend Curve Method Overloads


Is there a way in python to define a blend curve that has a blend continuity to a set curve, and for the other point (the end) to be at a point? For example, specifying tangent blending to a specified curve and then ending at a point resulting in a curve with 3 control points?

All the overloads I can see talk only about going from curve to curve. Of course, I could just do a sacrificial curve for where I want to specify just a point. But then how do I specify only a positional blend at this point?

You can do the sacrificial thing, then use Curve.CreateBlendCurve Method (Curve, Double, Boolean, BlendContinuity, Curve, Double, Boolean, BlendContinuity)

Or create a curve with one end set at the point, then modify the other end with Curve.CreateMatchCurve Method

Thanks Steve, yeah I only discovered the 'create match curve ‘method’ rceently! Nice to have.

Another thought Steve.

Is there not a create match curve at a parameter t overload? That seems like a sad thing to have missing. Just requires a longer workaround I suppose.

No overload for CreateMatchCurve. Your idea of using CreateBlendCurve may be more straightforward.