Blend between 3 solids

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create this object here:

At the moment I’ve only managed to make these shapes by extruding 3 curves and manipulating them with CageEdit:

I tried creating various sweeps between the objects but the result was messy and many of the sweeps intersected with the 3 “blobs”.

Any ideas on how best to do this?

Here’s the file:
Vermillion tristone 1.1 (947.8 KB)

Thanks in advance!

I would experiment with ‘drape’ …

Hi Owen - I think the basic approach you show is more or less fine - but this is likely to be fairly tedious to get right using surfaces. I think I might let the surfaces you have go straight through the side of the blobs, rather than try to meet them and then use maybe VaiableBlendSrf to make the actual bridges across to the blobs from the inner things.

Something like this, in general layout.
Vermillion tristone 1.1 try PG.3dm (256.9 KB)


I would use t-splines for this. To do this with blends and trims will be very difficult even for an expert.


I would use Contour command first. Then I would break and blend the contours with the help of Blend (or BlendCrv) command and TweenCurves command. I would use Loft command to make several surfaces. Finally, I would use VaiableBlendSrf command to join the surfaces.

Thanks everyone! I tried all the techniques and I think that T-splines works well for what I’m trying to achieve.