Blank Error Message

When opening RhinoWIP in Revit, an empty error message displays while rhino is loading and then crashes revit. I am using the latest downloads (as of 3/31) for both rhino.inside and RhinoWIP. I have tried uninstalling, re-installing, and repairing all with the same result of a blank error. Interestingly, grasshopper will load in Revit, but not Rhino. Any thoughts?

I’m curious to know the reason for this as well, because I’ve also had the same issue.
Does this happen when you are opening a particular file up or when you are opening the default view itself? I’ve been bypassing the error just by opening the file that I need separately in Rhino, and just copying all of it into a blank Rhino file opened via Rhino.Inside (and resaving the new file)

This error appears for me on the default start-up. I’m unable to even get the blank file to open. Any others running into this?

Hi all,

Is there an update on this? I’ve been encountering this issue after making sure I installed the latest Rhino WIP and Rhino.Inside.Revit. I also was able to load grasshopper from within revit, but when the rhino button is pushed, it all crashes with the blank warning message. Interestingly, this happens for me with Revit 2021 and 2019, but 2020 and 2018 versions work fine…

Thanks for the help!