Blacked out background on pop up menus

After tampering with some of the appearance settings, I lost interest and reset them all back to default. For some reason, some of the backgrounds on my ‘tab’ menus were blacked out and impossible to read and very annoying to look at.

I’ve tried resetting defaults, rebooting, and even deleting and reinstalling Rhino but nothing have fixed it.

The only thing worth mentioning is that if the window is open when I reset to default, it fixes it until I exit the preferences window.
I am attaching screen caps to better show my issue. I hope someone can help!


@andy, any idea about this?


Which operating system are you using? Are you using a specific “Theme” where the background of your dialogs is black?

Sorry for the super late response @andy .
I am using Windows 7 Professional. My theme is “Windows Classic”. I messed around with some of the backgrounds before and they always switched back except for this time.

Any thoughts?