Black screen Rhino 7 - Rhino 6 working

I was working with Rhino 6+gh. I am using a PC as a user (organizational). So, when I wanted to install ladybug I cannot upload the plugins because I am a User, but I saw that with Rhino 7 I do not have this issue. I installed Rhino 7 and it worked. While i was working I decided to delete Rhino 6, and now Rhino 7 has all the viewports in black. All my drivers are updated. Finally I decided to re-install rhino 6 and now Rhino 7 is working well. Why is that?

Hi -

That’s not something that should be happening.
If you uninstall Rhino 6 again, does the same thing happen? If so, try to use the “Repair” option on Rhino 7 in the Windows control panel.