Bitmap attractor

I am new at this. I have been asking a lot of questions on this site and people have been very helpful. I have tried the point attractor and curve attractor, to affect my diamond box morph. Now I want to try a bitmap to affect my geometry. Not having much luck…

bitmap attractor-1.3dm (104.8 KB)
bitmap (7.2 MB)

I’m not very clear on what you are trying to achieve, but maybe the update to your definition (attached) will help give you some pointers.

You may also want to take a look at this post (as well as many others on here):

bitmap (7.2 MB)

Thank you Adam. I have seen examples like that on this site. I am trying different ways to apply an attractor to my diamond box morph. I haven’t seen any examples like this. The result I am looking for would be to see my Brep objects deformed by the bitmap, within diamond pattern i have created on the target surface. Does that make sense?

I think I may be a little clearer, but still not 100% sure. I’ve included two alternate methods in the file attached. I hope one of them might help.

In the first method I deformed the original surface, before panelling ect. In the second I just use the image to determine the extrusion depth before morphing.

bitmap (7.2 MB)

oddly enough that was what I was looking for. I need to digest it for a bit…

Thank you…

Just a thought: you may get better results if you offset the diamond panels rather than of extruding.