Bitmap and mesh optimization


I’m going to be trying to set up a fairly complex scene and am wondering a couple things about Neon, and I guess Brazil too: Is there any measurable benefit in making textures and environment maps all nice round powers of 2? And a lot of background stuff will be optimized or stock meshes, most of which I’ve seen come in with everything of the same material “joined,” is there any benefit to that?

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Good. Now I’ve got some objects with complex blend-inside-blend-inside-blend materials with multiple texture channels originally made for Brazil that don’t look right in Neon, (has that problem with mangling UV mapping on trimmed surfaces been fixed?) Are the limitations known so that I can figure out what I have have to redo to fix them?

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The mangling problem has not been fixed - its a problem in Rhino, it’s serious, and it’s holding up SR6 at the moment.

Neon doesn’t support multiple UV channels at the moment, so that’s likely the issue.

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