Bisect fin?

Perhaps I’m missing an easy way, but I would like to have a tool like fin which bases the fin direction on the average normal of two surfaces. Perhaps it only takes polysurfaces or meshes as input, and you can pick joined edges. Would be handy for finding miters on goofy panels. Pretty niche though.


Hi @SamPage,

initially below script served a different purpose but you might give it a try.

Instead of _Fin, it uses _Sweep1 and divides the joined edge, then creates lines along the normal bisectors of the two surfaces connected at that edge. The edge serves as rail for Sweep1. Note that lower division values (less shapes) result in better surfaces. (6.4 KB)


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Thanks, I’ll take a look.


@SamPage Is this what you are looking for? Tween Fin DC1.3dm (101.1 KB)

The “average” fin was created by:

  • Fin for fins along coinciding edge of the two surfaces

  • TweenSurfaces for the average fin.

If you want to create an average fin at two fins which intersect without a coincident edge then use Intersect for the curve on intersection, Fin for fins on the intersecting surfaces along the intersection curve, TweenSurfaces for the average fin.