Biodig 2023

5th International Conference of Biodigital Archtiecture & Genetics

UIC Barcelona
March 30-31, 2023

Meet members of the current international architecture avant-garde in a unique and historic occasion! And also, pioneers of 21st-century architecture will assemble for a big event on March 30, 2023. Karl Chu, Mark Goulthorpe, Marcos Novak, Kas Oosterhuis, S/he_F. Roche are expected to come as they were first invited to the ESARQ-UIC Barcelona School of Architecture, joining for a time as professors of the Architecture degree and of the Biodigital Architecture Master’s degree, and now coinciding with the celebration of the 25th anniversary of UIC Barcelona.

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Posted Feb 22, 2023 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.