BIM360 Linked Revit Models - Rhino Inside

@eirannejad I agree. The issue I’m running into is that the component is not giving me any of the valid loaded links if there are any unloaded links on a drive that it cannot access. If I keep those links in the model and cull the nulls on the link component I am getting “No data was collected…” even though there is a valid loaded link from BIM360 in the model. When I have both unloaded and loaded BIM360 links the component works and just shows the loaded links, its just with the inclusion of unloaded links from a drive it cannot access that it gives no data. (In the previous image I posted the 6 links shown as null are the unloaded links from a drive it cannot access, there is a 7th link not shown on the list that is loaded in from BIM360)