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Hi everyone! I am new to Rhino. I am curious about something.

Lets assume that I collect BIM data in an excel file. For example, I saw a catalog of doors from a manufacturer website. I chose a door for my project. I modelled that door in Rhino. I added information to an excel spreadsheet, and named it Data Sheet. The data sheet contains information about the properties of the door (type, frame material, panel material, dimensions, fire rating etc…). Is there a plugin that allows me to associate the geometry in rhino to the data sheet made in excel? If not, can I at least tag the geometry in Rhino, export IFC, and use an external application to combine with the data?


Hi @Andrej_Ilić ,
Sadly this is not possible in native Rhino.
However we have developed a similar solution, we could adapt it to your case (
You can reach out to me at



Potentially possible with VisualArq plugin. You can take a look and try it for yourself.
Home - VisualARQ
Documentation tools - VisualARQ

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