Bigger labels/better organizing group names in Grasshopper

Does anyone know how to make the group labels as shown below:
Screen Shot 2020-02-22 at 11.11.22 PM

bigger? When I zoom out of my work flow you can’t see anything and I don’t want to create scribbles with big text:

Add a scribble or a panel (edit the font to change size) in your group?

Of course, but I was wondering if there is a way to automatically size it, like when you zoom out, the group labels get bigger and vice versa.

Lmao, how is there no good solution yet?? Should be an option to make group default name size to be bigger and clearer when zooming out. Gets so hard to locate information even when things get marginally complex

totally agree with that, hopefully GH2 will implement some solution for that…

Scribbles have variable font sizes!

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Thank you sir! I was renaming groups with bifocals and using all caps :confused:

Do you know what the hotkey for scribbles are?

I think you can do some cool stuff with Metahopper regarding automatic naming of groups with scribbles

Scribbles are like any other regular component, except that they display text.

When you double like them you can edit their size, font, etc.

Hi all, I think the Group Display widget by @MateuszZwierzycki is until now the best solution.

hotkey for scribbles = ~