Big Problem_ I'm working since days in a definition and testing it we notice that when a list is empty shape diver stop working well while grasshopper do

Hello, I’m very frustrated by a lot of problem I found working whit gh and shape diver, I’m sure you will help me.
Basically I have two list (word and simbles) that are projected on a ring
everythink is working well untill in SHAPE one of the list became empty (because the user decide not to insert simbols inside the ring) while in GH all works well
If you want to see the definition you can see it on prova 5 by davide campagna account but it is a very complex and disordered definition.

when i saw this problem I rewrote my definition and i created a second definition with only a list of variable that cannot became empty, the definition now is clear and ordered(look to the left side) and i will be very gratefull if you can look at it ( “test for shape diver programmer” in davide Campagna account)

in this case I found a problem that I can not understand , I don’t know why SHAPE DRIVER doesn’t show my geometry at all

please try to help me because i would like to go on using SHAPE DIVER that for me is an amazing platform based on a fantastic Idea

I would like to show you what is my only explaination:
if you open WWW file on davide campagna account you will find a working file, the problem is when you change the “<” input with for example “O” aiming to create the words CIAO CIAO

when you do this operation, there is a list next to weave component that has only an element and this element is “null”, this is not a problem for grasshopper because weave will take all the element for the other list, but it looks like shape keep this element and this create problem on the Jitter component that came after

hope to be of help
notice: the www definition is the more advanced for the moment so I advice you to check it

Your definition does not work for me locally either, I am not sure how it can work for you because there is an obvious issue with an empty list. I sent you a fix in a pm, take a look and try to upload it again.

Hi Mathieu Huard, thank you very much for fast answering, you fixed the problem!! now the definition is working well also in SHAPE, Only to be precise in GH the definition worked also before fixing, it seems to me that Mass Addition in GH of null values gives 0 and shape doesn’t consider the same result, is it possible?
thank you very much

In my version of Rhino (latest Rhino 6 version), mass addition of null values returns null as well. I am not sure if this was changed recently or you might be using a very old version.

Yes, I use RHINO 5, thank you for solving my problem
best regards