Big and slow Files

Hi everybody,

We have a problem with our Rhino File becoming too big and being too slow when working with vector trees and lined or pointed hatches.

Until now, to stop Rhino from crashing and taking too long, we have being drawing plans in Rhino and doing the layout for the presentation in Indesign from where we plotted everything…but this is not a good solution (for Indesign takes also as much time as Rhino) and we want to do everything in Rhino.

My question is: is tit possible to simplify all the pointed hatches, all the lined hatches, all the lined trees or do anything that can make the Program work faster?

I already know about -save small, purge, sel dup and sel bad…we have tried everything and it still runs so slow…

I would really appreciate any help or advices you can give me.


No answer, did I post this in the wrong section?

Not really. But it is very hard to answer that one. The display of hatches and curves slows down the drawing of viewports a great deal. Only thing really is to hide what you don’t need when you’re modelling and only show all when you need it. What kind of hardware are you on?

Hello Wim!

Thanks for your answer…yeah I tried hiding the hatches and curves that I did not need and I could work faster. Thanks!
But then again, when I am trying to do a layout with more than one detail, the prgram slows down big time again.

I do not understand much about hardware, I looked up my Processor and it is a:
Intel® Core™ i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 MHz

and I´m a running a 64xWindows 8.1

Thanks again for your help!