Bifurcation of vertical axes

Hi! I am having some trouble on splitting vertical axes to produce a bifurcation several times. Here´s the deal: I have a horizontal axis that is divided into an amount of points. On each of them, there is a vertical axis that is divided by a variable amount of points that determinate the parameter where the axis should bifurcate each time.
This bifurcation, actually, implies that the axis splits and moves, its not like a branching bifurcation that tends to rotate the segments.

I uploaded a pic explaining this step by step and showing the final result im looking for. I undertand that this is a matter of iteration, but i would like to avoid using hoopsnake or that kind of components, as it makes more complex the lists im working on and i lose the control over the definition.

Maybe I’m not organizing the geometry properly or thinking the order of the steps right. Does anyone have an idea?


Welcome @azulisi,

Wow, this is a very nice, exemplary presentation of your problem! Would you be interested in a scripted solution (i.e. Python), or are strictly looking for a vanilla Grasshopper approach?

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Interesting problem
it looks like a bit kirigami

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“exemplary”? With no code or data posted? I disagree. I was lost at “distance Y between splitted segments of axis”. And while @azulisi states that “I understand that this is a matter of iteration”, he rules out using Anemone (forget about Hoopsnake!), so it’s likely that Python won’t do either, eh?

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Hi, thank you for your concern!
I think i prefer to find the solution in grasshopper because I’ve never used Python before. For the kind of excercise I’m doing, I really do need to have a total understanding of the strategy that I’m using to organize the geometry, also because i will be re-structuring the definition in the future to compose bigger and more complex thing.

I’ll upload the definition i wrote. The steps that i explained above are gouped in red and i added a panel in the end with a couple of notes. I know it is a little complex, but i hope it to be useful! In case its not, im really interested in other ways to solve it.

Thank you!
Bifurcation of vertical (71.0 KB)