Bifocal error

Hey there!

It was working all fine until this happened.
It says “index out of range. It cannot be negative or smaller than the size of the collection.”

I’ve checked this but the solution doesn’t work in my case.
I’ll send email to Bifocal’s creator if no one has a handy little trick to fix this :slight_smile:

Also… Has anyone an explanation for Grasshopper to spit out french when my Rhino has been specifically installed in English? (my computer being on French language won’t be accepted as an answer, cause Gh should not care about it) :smiley:

Thanks in advance for any pieces of advice!

Your computer is set to French. The exception is thrown by the .NET environment, which clearly looks at what your OS language is set to. The exception happens in Bifocals, and that gets untranslated thrown up. GH at that point does not really look at what the human-readable message is, it just displays it.

No handy trick to fix as far as I know.

Personally I have moved on from using Bifcons to the much better Sunglasses plug-in.


Ah, it makes sense for the French then ! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

I’ll try the sunglass plugin then… thank you for pointing it to me !
For now though the bifocals still seems to be the reference though, but maybe by habits…

The nice part of the Sunglasses GH plug-in is that you don’t need to add a component to the canvas. It just works.

But then I believe the excluded component (those not to name) will depend on user preferences…
Might be less practical for education purposes, but let’s see ! Thanks again :slight_smile: