Bezier Triangle Show in Rhino

Dear Dale:
Does OpenNurbs surpport Bezier Triangle to show in Rhino Software ? i have looked OpenNurbs API , But still have no ideal,so could give me some advices?
Thank you .

No, we do not have an implementation of Bezier Triangles. As far as I know, we have never had a request for them until now. Why do you want them?

Firstly thank you to reply @chuck , and i am doing some algorithms about Bezier Triangles , so i need to show my Bezier Triangles.

and could give me some advices if i want to achievemy goal , thank you .

Hi. I don’t think this would be difficult for you to implement if you are OK with coding. @dale would have a better idea how to best proceed, whether it be a plug-in, or maybe Grasshopper or Python scripting. You would have to write your own evaluation algorithms to get points and normals. If you just want a shaded display, you could create a mesh of a sufficient density with the correct vertex normals and add it to Rhino.

You are very kind for me @chuck ,and thank you to solve my question patiently , then i will try it later.