Bevel on edge destroyed the object

If you perform a bevel (SubD) on the red edge, the object is destroyed.
Bevel on edge red destroys the object.3dm (199.0 KB)

I’m seeing this work in Work In Progress
(7.0.20189.12055, 7/7/2020)

Bevel on edge red destroys the object_works.3dm (121.2 KB)

I know, usually the bevel must be done all over the edge … but I meant a portion of the whole edge, only the one where I put the annotation point … If you try as I tell you it doesn’t work (only on that edge portion).

so… because the bevel adds 2 edges it tears the singularity apart-


you can simply grab all those points and stitch to collapse them back into a singularity-

then I took the liberty of un creasing the result which returns it to a smooth subd.

You can then start re-creasing or beveling or…
just continue along with the smug knowledge of your own 3d modeling awesomeness.