"Bevel" nodes of a network

Bevel nodes of network v0.gh (115.9 KB)

I’ve created a definition that can ‘bevel’ the nodes in a network. If anyone is interested, please help me test it and provide feedback for further improvement.

It can bevel (not sure if this is the correct term) the nodes in a 3d network. The node selection is based on their valence.

The definition requires Sandbox Plugin.

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Bevel nodes of network v1 bevel_each_node.gh (66.0 KB)

I rewrote the component, now one can apply bevel factor to each node.
Hope anyone can make it better.


Bevel nodes of network v2not working.gh (79.2 KB)
Yep, it doesn’t work in cases like this…
Anyone has any idea how to make it work?

cool subject,
Not really an answer to your question but here a version that uses a distance to first fillet then chamfer

Tricks to chamfer a curve here !

And a relative version but there are the straight lines

An now no straight lines

Bevel nodes of network v2not working LD.gh (21.8 KB)

Bevel nodes of network v3 work with 2D and 3D.gh (47.2 KB)

Thank you very much! @laurent_delrieu
I also solved this case yesterday with a simple solution.
It uses your 3D Convex Hull to make the connection and uses Delete Vertex to remove the wrong edges. But 3D Convex Hull cannot solve 2D (all points are coplanar) cases, so I made the detection Boolean mask with Is Points Coplanar (Pufferfish).

Not sure if this is perfect. Need more tests.
This idea is inspired by Bevel Vertices in Blender.

This definition requires plugins:

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For a similar problem i also used convex hull. Also if all curves are on a side of the points I had to use a Bounding cone. Cone that contains all the direction vector of line at a node.

I tried the chair with my definition… again … useless :joy:

Have you considered incorporating YANG into your Nautilus? And why it is called YANG?

Yang is half finished amd complex so I prefer not integrate it.
Yet Another Node Generator