Better way to creat Y branch

I wanted to create a 3d version of this sketch. I tried to create two individual trunks but I couldn’t figure out how to blend them perfectly. Any grasshopper plugin or script (like weaverbird or cocoon) could do the job or give the similar result? Thank you for the help!

I think that whatever approach you take you will have to boolean union (solid union) them into a monolith object, which will most certainly be a polysurface.

I would definitely look at Cocoon but your inputs will be just a Y and you will need to vary the strengths along the Y to create the wedge / tapered effect.

You could keep the mesh coarse to give the chunky effect and may have to slice the tops off afterwards to give flats on the ends of the branches.

Cocoon is a greta tool to learn anyway even if it’s not quite right for what you want here! (10.4 KB)

Change the lines to arcs or whatever