Better use of viewport ZBuffer functionality please


I find the current state of ShowZBuffer a kind of ‘tease’ command that lets me imagine and wish for a whole range of good uses but none of them is possible now due to one limitation.
We would like to be able to set the Min-Max distance range for camera, and not one that is currently based on varying view objects scene bounding box. That would turn it into a really useful one. If making UI for it is too much, maybe a simple command line input for distance range would do? @jeff - is that control already possible but not exposed with the display pipeline?

Having that implemented I would also expect the larger-than-screen screencaptures on ZBuffer would be no longer ‘tiled’ as it currently is.

In a long run I also wish for a ‘fog’ addition for display modes - overlaying Zbuffer depth on regular display for better depth perception. Very common in various 3D software packages.