Better quadremesh request

Hi, I have some sort of curvature lines of a surface. I wanted to get a quad mesh based the curavture lines. While the result looks fantastic overall, when closely looked, I am able to spot some zones the Quadremesh command ignored the guide curves.

I think I should not say this is “wrong”, becasue I assume the method intentionally ignored the guide curves to get a finer result.

But, anyway, I would like to request an option to make the result more “faithfully” tracing the guide curves, if it’s not too challenging from a techinical point of view.

Is the Quadremseh in RHino the same one as the quadremesher in
Quad Remesher - Auto Retopology - EXOSIDE ?

Thank you.

Guide curves:

QuadRemsh result:

IMO this is massively over defined, try using way way way fewer guide curves, (like maybe 5 or 10 total) you may get a better result.

Thanks! I reduced the number of curves but had no luck…

Though don’t know if anybody is watching this thread, I found a solution.
First, reduce the curves.
Second, an orthogonal net does not work. The Quadremesh command automatically computes directions perpendicular to the guide curves. So, remove half of the curves going in one way and keep only the other half.
Third, change Curve Influence from Approximate to Create Edge Ring.


Hello, thank you for your question and for the solution you provided
I would like to know how did you get those curvature lines please??? I’ve been searching for something like that!

Hi, it’s not easy in general. Basically, you need to write a code. Also, a basic understanding of eigenvalue decomposition of 2x2 matrices is necessary.

I’ll clean up my code and post it somewhere later today.

Here you go! (12.4 KB)


Thank you so much!!!

Hello, sorry to bother you again but I’m really stuck here so I thought you can help…

Quad Remesh Problem (65.6 KB)

Can you please take a look on that file and tell me how to fix the script so that I can construct a mesh that follows the curvature lines here… I even embedded the script you uploaded but something is not right!

Hi, you need to extract curves that are vertical (green ones in the below image)
I think the attached script does the job.

Good luck!

Quad Remesh Problem (68.2 KB)

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You are a life saver!
I can’t thank you enough
I just have one last question:

I noticed that lines break near the edge of the geometry like that! is there a way to fix this?

Sorry, I don’t see any problem. Please be specific or use an arrow or something to spot the error.

I mean for these edges, they are not 100 percent continuous with the same edges below.

mmm, I think that’s not an error… You see a kink because the panel size is too large compared to the curvature of the surface.

Fine, I think you are right… thank you so much again!!!

Kyle a quick question please ~ in QuadRemesh, Detailed Options, under Curves ~

Is it the case that one can use Guide curves OR (using extracted isocurves) Edge Rings OR Edge Loop, but cannot combine two of these options in a single operation?

If it is possible to use curves and loops in separate operations, as guides, then how would that be done please?

just make them all curves and use them as guide curves.

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Edge Ring fits through the middle of the rings of the faces.

Edge Loop fits new face edges along the curve.

Approximate lazily influences the face flow.

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