Better organization of SubD tools (icons)

I understand Rhino’s Wip phase …
In my opinion the “SubD” tools could be better organized, and some of them are redundant.

Primitive solids could be organized with a submenu (useless to display them all).
Why is “insert edge” located away from “insert point”? are not functional to each other?
Why not make a single conversion command? (right click: “ToNurbs” and left click “ToSubd”, or vice versa).
Same goes for the “Crease” command: a single command that includes both modes would be enough (remove and add crease, right and left mouse button).

Other anomalies observed in the videos of the Wip on the internet:

  • why when you insert a point in a SubD does it automatically change to a polygonal view? can’t you insert a point like it did in TSplines, with the smooth view?

  • Why by activating the “vertices” selector of the SubDs these do not appear? It seems logical to me to show them, and not to keep them hidden.

  • Why doesn’t the gumball appear with the “Extrude SubD (faces and edges)” command? Could be an unresolved bug, I don’t know …

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Agreed, and that layout is very much in flux-

you are aware you can reorganize the toolbar, create your own, customize at will the layout of these tools?

agreed with the crease command crease and remove crease should be one tool with right/left click - will write that up.

inserting points- changes to poly mode for more accurate placement and to avoid stacking verts, it should toggle back automatically, does it not for you?

verts can be shown as control points (control polygon view) or edit points, (verts on the surface of the model)- you can show which set you want at any time, this is hotkeyable. Or you can work with them off and select them via subobject selection, your choice.

extrude has command line options and can be scripted/ alised etc- gumball has it’s own extrude function and can be used with sub object selection. If you want gumball with extrude, simply use the dots on the directional arrows of gumball. If you want to extrude as part of a script, use the extrude command.

What about the ToNurbs and ToSubD commands? (separated by another command … A single command with the right and left mouse button would suffice.

Also, if extrusion is possible with gumball, why enter the (useless) “extrude faces and edges” command? Moreover, I believe that free extrusion also works badly…

Agreed on subd/nurbs.

The reason extrude is also a command with command line settings Is it has to be scriptable for grasshopper and 3rd party extensions.

Most people would just use gumball but that is not scriptable or callable in gh which is a big limiter for the gh folks.