Better Command Prediction

I have been working on a project that I have been using a lot of Offsets and OffsetSRFs, but when I need to use Offset and type O.F.F.S.E. it still recommends me OffsetSRF until I type the whole word or manually select it. Is there a way to recommend Offset when I have a curve selected, then have OffsetSRF recommended when I have a surface selected? Thought this would be a simple change that can apply to a wide array of commands.

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Hi @shaun_c ,

I don’t see that here:


What version are you running? (8.6 here…)

Alternatively you could macro or script this behavior where you run a special command/shortcut to run your macro/script and the pseudo code would be along the lines of:

# Your Special Command activated
if selected_obj == type.Curve:
elif selected_obj == type.Surface:

Hi Michael,
It usually happens after I use the OffsetSRF command a bunch of times consecutively, I am using the most recent update. That script however will do the trick, I believe the world would crumble without people like you :rofl:
Thanks a lot

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Haha thanks! That script as is won’t work but if it would be of value I could probably get it functional and share.

Just let me know, cheers!

This could also be an option in the Appearance page.
“Use fuzzy autocomplete” learns and prefers the command you use:

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That would introduce a lot of “modalities” to the interface, which is not actually a good thing. See: Raskin, Jeff, “The Humane Interface: New Directions for Designing Interactive Systems”, 2000. Consistency beats saving typing a letter, it trumps everything.

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