Better attractor points control


I have a wall in which I want to create some random extrusion tiles which I want to control with attractor points. So I made a definition for this but I can’t control precise the areas of maximum and minimum extrusion. I would like to control more precise the wall maximums like every point to have a smaller radius impact and not to all the wall length. I am not sure how to explain it exactly but I would like smoother transitions between min and max and more precise control to the wall areas I want to give the effect. How can I achieve this?

Attractor (129.5 KB)

thank you very much!

You mean “Attractor Curve” in this case, right?

Not sure what you want, anyway you can add Minimum or Maximum to control the influence range of attractor.

Attractor (134.6 KB)

Hello HS_Kim… thank you very much for your reply. I began with points but afterwards I tried with a curve cause i had to use too much points in order to control it more precise. I think it is related with the minimum and maximum you said. So I will play a little with this to see if can help on what I am trying to do…