Beta installer uninstalled

When I downloaded the latest candidate and installed it. I had an icloud conflict so I shut off icloud. Then I ran the Bongo installer and I hit repair. When I start up rhino I have no Bongo menu and commands do not work. How to get the candidate working?

Sounds like something went wrong during the installation.
What operative system (which Windows version) are you running it on?
I’m just curious to know because of the iCloud conflict, I have it also and didn’t get any conflicts while testing.

Could you please check if the following folder is on your machine: C:\Program Files\Bongo 2.0 (64-bit)?
If it is there, is it empty or are there any files in the folder?

The easiest fix is most likely to go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features and uninstall Bongo and then download and install it again while having iCloud turned off.

I am running windows 8.1. The Bongo files from the install yesterday are in the Bongo 2 folder in the program files folder. Will try to uninstall and install. I am running bootcamp.

So I reinstalled it with iCloud off and it installed smoothly. When I start up Rhino it is the same. No Bongo menu and no Bongo tools. When I go into properties >Licenses I can see the Bongo License but it is grayed out.

Well I never was able to install the beta, just went back to 2.0. Hopefully the next beta will load up.

Any chance that you would be willing to do a remote control session with us?
So that we could have a look at what’s going on. Sounds like Bongo installed fine but that it for some reason doesn’t load inside Rhino. It would be nice to figure out why.

What software do I need to use? I will let you know when I am set.

I apologize for my delayed answer, didn’t see that you answer me until now. The developers went home for today so I’ll talk to them tomorrow to see if we can get an online meeting together. I’ll send you a private message with more info tomorrow.

We now know what was causing this problem and we’ll get it fixed before we release the official Service Release.

Thanks! I am glad it wasn’t me.