Beta features of Rhino- stability guarantee

Hi. I have a newbie question related to beta releases of rhino 7 ( Release candidate).

In these releases, the newly added features are likely to be unstable. All the features in the service releases which were already there in older versions should function appropriately as they have always been.


No, not necessarily.
First, these are not Beta releases, they are service release candidates. Mostly they are bug fixes and usability improvements, not new features - those are reserved for the WIP.

However, it can happen that fixing something breaks something else. In principle, that is what the release candidates are there for, to test before the finalization of a service release. Even then, sometimes undiscovered bugs creep into the official service releases, but not that often.

So, for the most stable experience, stick to the full service releases.

Okay. Thanks. :+1:t3: