Best ways to make sections and plans

I love rhino but perhaps the ways I know how to make sections and plans are not that optimal. One way of doing it is to use a clipping plane, then make2d and then sometimes you get what you seek. Often times you can compliment some of the “lost” geometry by the intersect-command which sometimes will help. However often times a lot of stuff are missing, I guess it is mostly groups that seems to get lost all the time. I have yet to figure out a good way to do this.

I guess I can do the clipping plane again, then use a viewport and then use “print” which will give a highres version of the image which I can then fit on top of the make2d-vectorized linework.

I then saw someone using the section-command but it appears similar to the clipping plane. Does anyone have any recommendations for this when make2d doesnt give a good image of what is actually shown on the screen?

To show what I mean, here is a model I got online of the Schroder house. Btw, I noticed that it is a mesh, something I do not use in my models atm but the result is just the same with normal nurb-curves and models I make from scratch. PS: I am aware that wireframe and rendered view is different but the wireframe also has a lot of detail.

Can you post the model or a link to it? I’d like to file this as a bug if I can’t determine what the issue is with Make2D. This is an active area of development so this will help.

Have you tried the Section Tools plugin?