Best way to separate port and stbd, top and underside views using layers?

importing a stbd side view of an aircraft sees it visually mix with the port side.
Placing port onto a layer called port, so as to have only port or stbd showing by turning layers on and off sees the various colours used all go as one.

How can I best manage the two sets of dwg plans ?

same applies to top and underside, or front of aircraft and rear of aircraft views.

Also, can one have it that when turning on left view, only the layer (or layers) required in that view shows ?


I assume you are viewing it as wireframe and that’s why you are seeing through ? In shaded or rendered mode you shouldn’t see the “other side”.
In any case, place a clipping plane at the centerplane of the craft. and point it towards the side you want to see.

To do this with layers, create your Port, Stbd etc layers, keep them empty and as you individually import the geometry files, drag the imported layers into the relevant parent layer before importing the next set of geometry. Then it’s easy and quick to set visibilty through the layer table for the different views.

Juancarreras…they are dwg files, no surfaces, nothing to shade, so look just the same in shaded mode.

Thought I had tried that, but yes if the imported layers are turned into sublayers at time of each import, they should stay the colours they were upon import.

I would like to be able to have it that turning on Left view turned on the layer required for that view and turned off the layer not required, ditto for other views.

view choice controls layer visibility.

can that be done ?


You can do this with a macro on buttons, but you will need to add the exact names of the LayerState and the NamedView (in inverted commas) and feed these names into the macro (no spaces in the name). Obviously these buttons are only good for a file using the chosen names so could be treated as temporary

For example, below works with one macro on the left and the other on the right button

_-LayerStateManager _Restore “View_01” _-NamedView _Restore “View_01” _Enter

_-LayerStateManager _Restore “View_02” _-NamedView _Restore “View_02” _Enter