Best way to reduce file size in terms of display performance?

I’m trying to optimize a heavy Rhino scene by breaking it into linked blocks and creating their proxies, that is smaller versions that show only the most distinctive features and load the full blocks when needed (by changing blocks’ path to point to the full version).

My current idea is to SelSmall so that 70% of curves is removed, remove block instances and reduce meshes, but if anyone came across a more comprehensive tool to accomplish that, it would be really useful. Perhaps is there any tool to profile Rhino’s Display/Graphics performance to help with tuning such optimizations?

Or perhaps something like a “shrinkwrap” mesh to outline all the objects?

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
import subprocess

files = rs.OpenFileNames("choose files to create proxies")

for file in files: 
    subprocess.Popen('start "" /min "C:\\Program Files\\Rhino 8 WIP\\System\\Rhino.exe" /nosplash /runscript="-SetDocumentUserText Child Child -RunPythonScript (C:\\Path\\ -Exit No" ' + chr(34) + file + chr(34), shell=True)

if rs.GetDocumentUserText("Child") is not None:
    rs.Command(# further optimizations

Generally when it comes to viewport performance. Rhino is not good at rendering nested blocks. Just my observation.