Best way to manage materials of VA Furniture or Element


I would like to know the best way to “change” materials of VAFurniture:
My case is for an interior design purpose, with a sofa which has cushions.
I want to choose mat for seats, different from cushions, and in the project I need an other sofa with other color applied.

I would like to add a value list into the object properties to change it.

Actually I only find the way by assigning the output geometry (legs, seat and cushions), per Layer… but it is not efficient because it will multiply layer , and perLayer will only work for only ONE mat for each VAFurniture, so every cushions have the same color…

Could it be possible, into the grasshopper def, to retrieve the material list, the using a value list to assign it into the properties of the VAfurniture block?

Thank you for your help

Hi @a.simonin that’s not possible.
You need to have each piece of the final object connected to a different Geometry Param, in GH, so later on you can assign a specific material to it.