Best way to get a photo capture of an object in perspective view with max detail?

I have an .stl file scan of a figure open, and have got the view angled and showing same head and shoulders as an image screen shot sent by Nikon from a 1st scan, which was at 72dpi 79cm w x 106cm tall, so their software must have exporetd a photo view, it had a black background.
If I do a printscreen of scan2 and drop that into photoshop its 31cm x 32cm at 72dpi.
If I zoom it to same size it pixelates.

Can I capture this perspective view window in a higher resolution so I can compare both scans same size to suss the difference in detail captured to send to someone ?

I couldnt open the first scan at 2Gb so cannot lay both together, .



Cheers Fred_C
ok tried that, but exact same as hitting printscreen and pasting into photoshop. I enlarged the command created one to match the printscreen one and they match, then scaled both up, hoping the command one would have less pixelation, but they still matched.

so that command is imply doing a screen capture of sorts.



Use the -dash version of the _-ViewCaptureToFile command, you can input a custom pixel count to get ‘higher-than-screen-resolution’ captures.

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working well, tick transparent for black background in photoshop.
scale 6 and figure is 6/10 of height of 4500, lot of black above it , it doesnt have origin at or near base of figure for the height, figure waist area is at 0,0 in rhino.
If I alter height value it crops its feet.
Decide to crop the excess black from above figure afterwards in photoshop.

I then, after doing front and back, use perspective view, same values and result is odd, the figure only 1/10 of that same height.
even resiting it to feet at origin makes no difference.

I have ended up on scale 9, it seems to reject making stills using 10., and height of 800.

why is that ?