Best way to display a custom inch grid that will show behind whatever object I choose in whatever view?

For 1:1 pdf printouts where it is enough to work to the printout and users to at least be able to check the paper plan they print out , and I fear use fit to paper ! is as intended , (can I make a pdf force a default setting for them of size as is, don’t fit to paper ?)

I have in the past placed behind the object a custom made drawn in rhino inch and half inch grid two shades of grey adjusted so they are visible but subtle. I have numbered the lines 0 5 10 etc starting lower left in two directions and indicated inch grid in corner.
Problem is I have to place the grid in 3 times, top front and side views, and keep moving it about to get that 0/0 corner into the ‘shot’ of any object, a case of cloning the grid and having it as a sub layer to an object.
You sometimes end up seeing a grey line through things , the edge of one of the three grids !

This time I have many objects, so this is going to get impractical if it wasnt already !

How can I get the grid to always appear behind whatever view I am in, especially if using Layout command and its 3 or 4 viewports. Ideally with the corner starting 0/0 and the wording inch grid, though I have now repeated that every 10 inches to catch it somewhere I hope in a view.

Might it also pay to have the grid origin in the centre of the grid and numbering 0 5 10 going off in four directions, I wonder if that would confuse the natives ! The centre of the grid is placed at 0/0 world origin and made big enough to encompass all of the model ?


Don’t measure off drawings, don’t do anything to encourage people to measure off drawings, you have no idea how the destination printer will print it. Just. Don’t. There’s no reason not to be able to place the right dimensions to build it on the drawings.

yes fully agreed for most things, and in fact never ever supply a scale drawing, Vickers for the Spitfire made sure plans were out of shape, but in this case, and others where I have done that, it was not mm critical, its not a hyper engineering thing, it could me 1mm out and not matter, but, I want to at least know the herbert receiving it hasnt selected some silly printer setting and got a non squared grid and plan or something 80% of what it should be like and the way it was fabricated it just needed a drawing that was about the right size, so I know what I am doing on this one, and really could do with knowing best way for the grid.

I also know they wont be taking micrometer, they will grab the paper and offer something up, hammer and vice and keep comparing, its how its going to be made and at least for them to have a plan right size will help, else I will be in so much extra work trying to persuade them it would fit, what print settings did you use etc etc. 4 months will be ruined by such, so I need the prints to be matching a ruler, they will not be using a micrometer …guaranteed , a hammer and some spit yes.

I also for my own scale modelling have to work to an accurate plan printout, and I fully know my stuff there, I lay the printout over plastic card and prick and scalpel through, its impossible to mark out curves and so on by plotting using xy dimensions, I would be laughed at , modellers dont do that, so it also helps me make sure the printer is on my side and what takes an hour doesnt take all day and go without sleep.

I do know my stuff and what horses are for what courses, thanks though as you didnt know that.

so how can i get this grid etc etc as per my post.


You don’t need to draw a grid behind everything–which of course is easy enough to do, just draw some lines!–you can place a scale reference on the layout.

I need a grid please,

easy enough to place behind everything

, how is that done ?
background is for bitmap.