Best way to cut half slots for a lattice of 15mm mdf?

(Pascal Golay) #21

Hi Sean - that’s what I’m getting at - the script runs from an alias Notcher so you just need to put that on your button - it acts very much like a real command.



Got it! Works. I’ve made my first button.
Thank you.


Hi Pascal

If you ever update the notcher to Rhino 6 please let us know! Thank you.

(Pascal Golay) #24

Hi Sean - do you find it does not work in 6? I’ll have a look.



Hi Pascal

I get the following error. But it might just be me.

(Pascal Golay) #26

Hi Sean - that generally means it is not loaded - try drag and drop once more, the rvb file onto an open Rhino 6 window…



:roll_eyes: Sorry Pascal my bad! It works fine now.
. :clap: thank you !!