Best way to create this surface?

I would like to get a unique surface, I have done two surfaces, but not sure which is the best way to get the corner surface and eventually have a unique surface, maybe with sub d ? thanks!!
3 srf.3dm (3.7 MB)

the biggest issue is that you have set up your model to fail. when you untrim one side you see that they do not meet tangentially making it virtually impossible to create a good surface there.

if you could remodel that that these angles zero out in one plane you will have a feasible starting point.

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thanks !

Hi @ppp
Continuity aside, Iā€™d probably go for a patch layout along these lines:

HTH, Jakob

Thanks @Normand , seems quicker this way, you just used the edges or need to rebuild the srf as well?

Hi @ppp
I just used the existing edges and a single BlendCrv for the red edge.