Best way to create a solid from a tunnel (surface)

Hi all,
I have the attached surface, which I created with the NetworkSrf command.
What would be the best way to create a solid tunnel?

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If the openings are planar, you can use the cap command.

thanks for your answer. I think I described my problem wrongly.
I want it to look like the screenshot attached to this reply.
What I now did was:

  • Copy and scale the original surface down
  • Use PlanarSRF to connect the inner and outer surfaces
  • Join everything together

It feels like there could be an easier way? Maybe some kind of inward extrusion?

Thank you for your help!

Cap it and use the shell command.

That gives me a “Shell result is not solid” error.
Please find attached to Rhino file.
Thank you!

Tunnel.3dm (184.6 KB)

Cap and shell works but I’m not sure up to which thickness… Offsetting too much creates self intersections at the small end. I have not tried much but 0.3 mm works.

Not sure how you created your inner surface but if it is just scaled, the thickness varies.

Tunnel.3dm (1.8 MB)

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Thank you!

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