Best way to convert smash surface to line art type appearance?

I have used SMASH command to create a surface showing rivet locations and now need to get that item into an email as artwork light blue fill with black lines for edges.

what is best way ?

If its of a ring of rivets around a basically conical surface such as an aircraft spinner, so with a slight compound curve nature, if the result was printed off and wrapped around such spinner would it marry well to the surface ? How does Rhino treat such a slight compound curve in smash ? I have trimmed the spinner surface to a strip following rivet line to minimise any issues.


I’d DupBorder, I think, and add solid hatches with the appropriate color and set the curve color as needed. Use BringForward, BringToFront, SendBackwards, SendToBack to adjust the display order if needed. Then ViewCaptureToClipboard/File.


Hi Pascal,

Whilst awaiting a reply I tried for DupEdge which also did the trick !

I then have gone for print option but getting that A4 window to match to my drawn A4 portrait shape within which is my smash is a nightmare, it just wont snap to the A4 shape, keeps going near as if north- north magnets !