Best way to convert a pdf artwork to a dst Autocad file?

I have been sent a pdf logo and need to convert it to something called a dst file.

google dst and see its AutoCAD.
now no doubt Rhino can export as AutoCAD.

how can I use this pdf file to get it out as a dst ?
I have gone file new, open and selected the pdf, but what were thick lines are ‘vector hairline thin’ and not showing the artwork as was. Other lettering is an outline which might be ok.

Its for a logo embroidery.


I think you might get more specific info searching for dst and embroidery or dst and Adobe Illustrator.

Does Rhino not create a dst file if artwork is drawn from scratch within Rhino ?

I can use the lettering as it looks ok, and run pipe command on the hairline vector lines that should be thicker and use make2D.

I will check with embroidery people if lines on garments use a line and they tell machine what width to make them.

Will save me £15 if I create the dst.


Rhino does not export .dst (Digital STitch?) files natively.