Best way to close up this geometry?

I’m trying to model a ceiling section from Renzo Piano’s High Museum of Art in Atlanta (image below). I merged a catenary arch with a circle, but I’m not sure the best means of closing the space between the two surfaces.

Perhaps it is way easier than I am making it. I’ve tried a sweep2 with curvature continuity, but that didn’t yield a smooth result.

2019.06.21_mcneel_forum.3dm (791.5 KB)

Hi @TheCyclist
Here’s one way of approaching it. The upside-down T-piece is a patch with 50x50 spans. Having the straight section at the bottom of the shape gives patch something to adjust to, which is what makes it difficult for sweep2 to create a decent result.
HTH, Jakob
2019.06.21_mcneel_forum JN.3dm (10.6 MB)

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This looks good, thank you!

you can use BlendEdge with the RailType set to DistbetweenRails or DistfromEdge

Can I ask how you removed all the visible isocurves? At firsrt, I thought they may just have been turned off, but it doesn’t look like that’s the case.

Hi @TheCyclist
The isocurves have just been turned off - no secret tricks, other than the small macro I use to turn them off (and on). You can disable them by going to the Properties tab or by using the -properties command (If I remember correctly… not at my computer right now!).
HTH, Jakob