Best Program for Rendering Glass

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I currently use FlamingoNXT for my renderings, but I have trouble achieving the look I want. I am creating a series of skin care products that I want to look like these ads attached. Does anyone else have experience with this and have a favorite rendering program they prefer?

Most rendering software can render nice glass if u set it right. Set up a studio environtment lighting on the scene, set up a glass material with correct IOR or simply download the material (tons on the internet)

Separate some render elements (or channels) and spend sometime with the photoshop to get the look u want.

Some good renderers are maxwell, vray, octane, etc, u can give it a try.

Here is a Neon (Rhino Render) scene I made to illustrate the point Runnie has that most rendrers can do this. This is lit with a simple JPG environment setup that handles all the light.

I can upload the file if you want it.

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Are there any good guides/instructions for creating custom environments?

Keyshot. Optimized for product “shots.” Easy to learn, up quickly. Plugin and/or reads your .3dm files…or any files for that matter.


For glass try Neon

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My bad, I did use Neon, I have developed a bad habit of referring to that as Rhino Render, and the output isn’t exactly the same.

Thanks for all the advice. Since I posted this a month ago I went ahead and bought Vray, and so far I am getting pretty good results.


Very nice scene, Holo. If possible, please share the file.

Here’s the file,
the environment is embedded in the file, so it should work.

studio test.3dm (1.8 MB)

You can download Neon here:

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Vray is a really good choice. Happy rendering! :smile: