Best Practices for Iteration

Hello everyone, I’m wondering if there are any tips or best practice techniques for quick iteration through architectural interior design projects.

To get more specific, I’m working in an old model which was made before I joined the company and was a very disorganized mix of high face count meshes, duplicated blocks, and massive “polysurfaces” for enclosures consisting of 100’s of separate surfaces. I’ve done my best to clean up and organize the layers while culling what I can.

I’m now in an iteration phase for a few key locations in the model and am trying to rapidly go through and add furniture blocks, surface treatments and lights by having a parent layer and then a child layer for each option or iteration. It feels like it has rapidly slowed the model down even as I attempt to make reused items blocks and reduce the amount of actual geometry in the model. Is there a recommended way to approach this type of iteration, or does anyone have a method they prefer? I apologize for the wordy post, but thank you for the time.

Hi -

Have you taken a look at the Snapshots command?