Best practices for Editing

I’m Fairly new to the world of 3d modeling techniques out side of running and programming my CNC equipment. I have a project that consists of mostly planer surfaces which are 3/4" thick. The model was given to me as a Solid with no thickness so I extruded the model 3/4" inward. Having alot of problems trimming inside intersection! Look for some pointers. Thanks.

Hi William- if the curves contain other curves to indicate voids, or cut-outs in the part, extrude these together with the perimeter curves and if all the curves are joined and closed, the voids should happen automatically. If they are pockets that do not go through the whole panel, that is different - send a file…


Cafe table full model with oak skin.3dm (911.8 KB)

My objective is to pull each of the discrete 3/4" components off the model and create a solid to export so I can run a Z profile cut along the edges make the actual parts. I know the none-complainer surfaces will need to be unrolled which I think is going to take some work since my pieces have a thickness associated to them.

Thanks in advance

Cafe Table Model cut in 2 with panel highligted.3dm (484.1 KB)

HI Pascal- this model is correctly developed with sharp inside edges. I’ve high lighted a panel to aid in my question as to best approach. The bottom edges of this part need to be extended 3/4" down in the same plane to create a butt joint as opposed to the mitered intersection.

Tanks again in advance