Best practice with blending together abutting surfaces what visual help?

BlendSrf would seem the tool of choice for making good the junction of surfaces, however unlike curvature graph which gives a visual guide for refining curves, what is there to act as a visual guide when blending surfaces.

I dragged the sliders all the way just to see the effect and saw nothing.

I have various gently sweeping panels individually swept to rail and one can see the joins a little by way of slightly curving into each other. Used a mutual rail between them but you know how it is, doesnt take much to make things different !

Is there a better way of mellowing the surfaces into each other, some means of indicating the distance either side of the join that receives the change etc.

Also a way of showing up imperfections beyond a certain tolerance, 1mm is the current job as output though I also wish the saved file to be 0.1mm accurate.

Better still to do so while emap is on, now that may be the visual checker way in fact.

BlendSrf asks for the selection of the surfaces but just clicking on the surface near the join is not working, selecting the actual edge and noting the arrows is the requirement, am I right ?

Looked in the training guide but it didnt seem to cover such as this.

What would be the settings to select and values to use for subtle surface blending without altering the shape much ?

Its also a question of just how deceiving is rendered mode.

Emap has no settings for tolerance if thats the right word, it picks up on thr slightest of things, great for some work, my object is good for client with 1mm inaccuracy so can I tell emap to make things that are 1mm out look good ! ?


Hi Steve- I am not sure I follow completely but just in case: BlendSrf creates a new surface to fill a gap, it does not modify existing surfaces to make them more smoothly continuous with one another. MatchSrf does this, if the edge to be modified is untrimmed.


Hi Pascal,

No gap filling so maybe MatchSrf then, bhut I want visual feedback as I adjust surfaces just like Curvature Graph changes as one nudges control points.

Maybe emap on would give such. I also want to be able to indicate tolerance and have it show things as fine and not make 0.1mm look bad on jobs where 0.1mm doesnt matter.

Image attached shows at A B C E various imperfections (not the gully at B but the slight skin difference) I would like to smooth out, D is a designed edge.

‘A’ though is a bit harsh due to profile there and would MatchSrf sort that out or do I need to go back and resweep it to a better profile. It was one created by the original plan designer, quality of plan evident in background !

Edit surfaces in command help would seem to have a bewildering choice but which one for surfaces that were swept to a common rail but just have imperfections about them either due to the last profile having a bit of a designed kink and its knock on effect into the sweep further than I had hoped, or sharp changes in direction too tricky to sort out with the profiles. Sweeps that put up a fight despite use of curvature Graph etc.

Not for the lack of tweaking profiles either, but partly made worse with UVN editing of surfaces and trying to make rounded a squarish shape, not easy. The joints for the separate sweeps are evident, as are some ‘puckers’ that maybe another tool could sort out.



It’s hard to tell without a file. What the chances are of successfully joining all these surfaces together. At the very least post an image with the edges and isocurves visible.