Best practice for using partial spheres?

if i had to draw the thing on the right, i’d try to rotate the sphere so its seam wouldn’t stay behind on the resulting boolean (like what’s happening in the image)

do you think re-orienting the sphere is a necessary (or beneficial) step?
is there something else to pay attention to?

Hi Jeff - I would do that, get the seam out of the way- it may never matter in any particular model but on some it might- you might not want to deal with the singularity, or the split in the edge or if the seam passes right through the surface, two surfaces where one would do.


ok, thanks… i’ll just continue eliminating the seam… center snap makes it easy enough.

for future clarity… when you say ‘singularity’, is that multiple points in one place? (the poles of a sphere)

Yes, exactly- any time all the edge points for an edge are collapsed to a single xyz location, Rhino treats these as a single point and the edge (in What) is listed as a ‘Singular Edge’. So the edge does not go away- there are still always four edges.


got it.
thank you