Best multi user workflow


I searched the forums and did not find any good answers. The problem is not uncommon so I hope we can discuss various approaches to best practices for file version management and control. This all happens globally with different languages and time zones. Those who can (and should) access the Rhino files have various skill levels and understanding of the issues. Due to enterprise security issues file sharing can be very complicated.
The case… an initial design model is created for a product that then goes out to manufacturing. They have Rhino and review the model for any challenges to their process. Their CAD person may create a new layer or two using the local language and fonts. The work on those layers may supercede previous work or add to it. It is unclear what they have changed on existing layers.
They then export STP or IGES (maybe even share the Rhino file) to their subcontractors for review. Dialog generates more needed changes that could be as subtle as changing the depth of an engraving from .5mm to .4mm. That change may be implemented by the subcontractor into their version of the model or it generates additional changes to the Rhino model by manufacturing.
There is back and forth across the enterprise with Powerpoint and Word documents that attempt to capture the changes and present the impact for marketing & design review. This (of course) generates more revisions.
At the end of the road is what actually makes it into the manufactured product. Somehow this is the data that needs to be captured into the master model for that item.
I’m certain this is an issue that others have faced and am very interested in ideas on how to handle it.
Thanks for all input.


Sounds like you need some kind of digital asset management.
I havnt been able to find something that works for my workflow: but there is a rhino plugin for Autode$k Vault - that works for most people. Not sure it does IGES/STEP though: you’d have to check.

Difficulty I found was they were either very closed & focused on one niche industry (lots in the VFX space) or open/customisable and ‘request a quote for your enterprise’ (read: $$$$$$$$$).

If you find something that works: especially something that can handle MS office, PDF, Images, CAD data and Adobe suite files in a project structured system let us know!


Digital asset management is probably what should be implemented - BUT… I was hoping for some thoughts about protocols that could be defined and published to the various entities that are involved. Ideally this all focuses on 1 secure FTP site or a file sharing system like GoogleDrive or DropBox. These products are single-part items but have a variety of out-of-house entities that interface with the production.