"Best" methods for editing this terrain from SketchUp?

Hi all,

I have a tri mesh brought in from SketchUp created via its geo tools, so it has an image map of the terrain applied. I’m trying to figure out how to do a few things:

  1. Convert to quads and keep the image map in place
  2. “Carve out” here and there to adjust details such as waterway height for the river and canals, and create/modify shorelines in these places.
  3. Add geometry for details like roads, walkways, and hiking paths.

What are some “tried and true” methods used for this type of editing?


park.3dm (694.7 KB)

Use the QuadRemesh command from Rhino 7 with appropriate settings to get a similar quad mesh (or subd), then apply a planar UV mapping.

For the rest of the stuff simply model on top.

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Got the mapping! Thanks.