Best method for stretching

I need some advice for stretching.
I have a polygonal car with a missmatch in length from the rear wheel to the bumper.
It is a huge gap around 260 mm.

I tried the normal stretch and cage edit (former UDT)

But i am not satisfied with the results.

Maybe my cage definition is wrong.

See the screenshots attached.

First is the unstretched model.
Second is normal stretch.
Third is after cage edit.
Fourth is the cage.

Any advice would be great.

I’m not certain which parts of the result you don’t want but I’m thinking the distortion of the rear turn signal is what you are hoping to avoid. If so, You could use Stretch defining the axis as the area between the wheel and turn signal. Or, creating a Cage and then positioning it just around the area you can deform. If you go with the second approach, use the Local option when running CageEdit and choose the Cage you just made and positioned as the control. This will be tough though since it will be hard not to change the rear window. The position of the custom cage, number of points and local falloff distance will all be factors.