Best guesses on how this effect was achieved?

You may recognize this…

It’s the work of Andrew Kudless and his firm Matsys. He has a project from 2014 called Parametric Drawing, and this is a featured image.

It seems as though it would involve figuring out a way to make curves deviate away from a base curve. The amount of deviation could be controlled as well.

I would create base curve. Divide it. Create increasing domains with series component or whatever . Move the points random in x and y with the domains. Create curve from the moved points.

One way to do it: (16.4 KB)

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Thank you! This precisely mimics the aesthetic of the image I posted! I made one change where I shifted the seams of the curves randomly so they don’t all line up at the bottom left of the ‘H’

How would I go about applying this to more than one curve, say for a letter with for than one curve or an entire word?

Graft input curves and take care for data management.