Best export options for use on a Pacer cnc machine

We are having a few problems when exporting a Rhino 2D drg as a DXF into the Pacer.
We try and open in Autocad , but for some reason, you struggle to tweak any of the curves/vector points etc.
Any ideas on the best settings or is Rhino DXF export a non starter where Autocad is concerned?

Thanks in advance

I don’t quite know what this means… There are dozens of options in Rhino’s DXF export and you can create and save a model (export scheme) that is tailored to pretty much anything you need. Perhaps you can post an example of a Rhino 3dm file with what’s not working and what you would like to have as a result.


Hi Mitch,

Yes difficult to explain fully, i was feeding back comments from the chap trying to use the Rhino dxf data on the pacer, then try and tweak the file in Autocad ’ unsuccessfully’ it seems.
After the effing and jeffing about the merits of Rhino, i thought i would put out this post.
Probably worth attaching the file